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შაბათი, 20.10.2018, 15:33
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ჯგუფი "Гости"

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Laj-Chanbara Beauty (Oneechanbara) 2008                                   

Laj-Chanbara Beauty (Oneechanbara) 2008

ინფორმაცია ფილმზე:

დასახელება: Laj-Chanbara Beauty
ჟანრი: საშინელებათა
გამოსვლის წელი: 2008
ენა: ინგლისური

ფილმის შესახებ:

When the dead rise from their graves to feast on the flesh of the living, it's up to bikini girls with samurai swords and motorcycle mamas with machine guns to send them back to Hell! Based on a series of videogames from Japanese publisher Tamsoft and D3, this itchy, twitchy, finger-popping, head-lopping hoedown is the cinematic equivalent of a light, summertime beach read, if the paperback shot laserbeams out of its eyes and had a thirst for vengeance.

Known as "ONECHANBARA" in Japan (pronounced "o-nay-chan-bara" and literally meaning "sister swordplay"), the stripped-down story takes place in a chaotic, desolate future world where civilization has broken down and the streets are filled with zombies. Why? Because that's what apocalyptic futures are like. Don’t ask silly questions. The result of a series of mad experiments by deranged scientist Sugita, the zombies are thankfully of the old school, slow-moving kind, but they also know how to use weapons and can be trained to form an undead army (of course). Luckily for the few human survivors, there’re a pair of dangerous women roaming the land, wearing barely enough clothing to hide their weapons, and dedicated to destroy all zombies. Aya (Otoguro, also seen in this year's American remake of the Thai horror film SHUTTER) is a cute-as-a-button, cowboy hat-wearing, bikini-clad warrior chick who's a zombie's worst nightmare, if zombies had nightmares. She's joined by Reiko (Hashimoto), a shotgun-wielding, leather-clad biker whose daughter was killed by the living dead and who lives only for revenge. Together they're unstoppable, until they meet death in a school uniform: Saki (Nakamura), a swordsgirl with the same deadly abilities as Aya...because she's her younger sister! Responsible for the death of their father, Saki is in league with mad scientist Sugita and when she and Aya finally butt heads, it's a total grudge match.

ფორმატი: Avi
ხარისხი: DVD
ხანგძლივობა: 1:25:46
ზომა: 573.68 MB
File Uploaded On: allshares.ge 
 Size: 600 MB
გადმოწერეთ: Laj-Chanbara Beauty (Oneechanbara) 2008

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